Real Estate Rebel October Newsletter

Posted by    |   October 29th, 2014   |   No responses

Once again I wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to all of you who bought and sold with me in September and October. I know it seems like I say this every month, but I truly am lucky to have such a job that I love where I […]

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Real Estate Rebel September Newsletter

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It’s been pretty busy around here for the past two months and I’d like to thank all of those people who bought and sold with me in July and August. Fall is literally around the corner and one thing I’ve noticed is, people don’t often associate fall and winter with […]

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Real Estate Rebel July Newsletter

Posted by    |   July 22nd, 2014   |   No responses

Thank you to those clients who purchased and sold with me in June! This month I am going to discuss rental properties and share a question I got about how to get started. “Steve, I really want to buy a rental property but how do I get started? I don’t […]

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Real Estate Rebel June Newsletter

Posted by    |   June 26th, 2014   |   No responses

Thank you to those clients who purchased and sold with me in May as well as those who referred me to your friends and family. The ultimate compliment is a referral so thank you!

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Real Estate Rebel May Newsletter

Posted by    |   May 30th, 2014   |   No responses

Return on Renovations A HUGE thank you to those clients who purchased and sold with me in March and April. As I have mentioned in the past, your loyalty means everything to me and it was a pleasure to work with you. In March I found a gem in the […]

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Real Estate Rebel March Newsletter

Posted by    |   March 30th, 2014   |   No responses

Hi everyone! This past month I had an unprecedented amount of sales. Thank you to those clients who purchased and sold with me in February. I owe my success to all of you, my friends, family and clients. I appreciate the trust you have in me to refer me to […]

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Stocks vs. Real Estate: Which is a better investment?

Posted by    |   January 27th, 2014   |   No responses

There is no question that investing in real estate is more reliable than the stock market, but it all comes down to whether you have the luxury of time and patience. Let’s break down the numbers. The Bank of Canada inflates currency by 2%, or slightly more, a year, which […]

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How smart landlords make money from their investments

Posted by    |   December 11th, 2013   |   No responses

“It’s tangible. It’s solid. It’s beautiful. It’s artistic … I just love real estate,” Donald Trump Investing in a rental property can be an excellent moneymaker if you think like an expert. However, you don’t have to be Donald Trump to turn a rental property into a profit. By educating […]

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Is this the right time to buy real estate in Vancouver?

Posted by    |   December 5th, 2013   |   No responses

This is the most common question I get from clients, friends and people who attend open houses. My answer is always “yes,” whether you’re planning to occupy the home, or use it as an investment property. Of course, there are always some conditions: If you’re planning to live in your […]

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Question #5: What Are The Local Vacancy Rates?

Posted by    |   November 22nd, 2013   |   No responses

Vacancies are one of the costliest expenses a landlord has to face, and though sometimes they’re unavoidable, a little bit of planning will make sure they are as short as possible. The first way to mitigate vacancies is to make sure you purchase your property in an area that is […]

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