When you purchase a home with me, you don’t pay a cent for my services.

I will sit down with you to create a wish list on what you have to have in your home, and what would be “nice” to have in your home.
I will explain to you in detail the buying process and offer you a few “excellent tips”.
I will provide you with statistics about the area you are interested in.
I will locate homes and make contact with agents and make appointments to view the homes with you.
I will negotiate and present offers on your behalf.
If you need, I will recommend you mortgage brokers, home inspectors, notaries and lawyers, and contractors.
I will meet you at your new home and hand you the keys.

10 Costly Mistakes
Buying a new home is one of the most significant decisions of your life. Be properly educated and make all the right moves to ensure your home is both a comfortable place to live and a great investment for the future. Here is a list of the 10 common mistakes to avoid:

Mistake #1 Failing to use a trusted adviser
A home is the greatest asset of your life, so you need to ensure that you have done the proper homework. It is critical that you work with a professional real estate agent. Make sure he/she is full-time, and that they know exactly what you’re looking for. You want to work with someone who gives you a hassle-free experience. Get somebody that you can trust to be on your side when negotiations time comes.

Mistake #2 Making an offer on a home without being pre-qualified
Pre-qualification will make your experience of buying a home much more smoother and easier. Take the time to talk to a bank or mortgage representative. Their specific questions with regard to income, debt and other factors, will help you to determine the price range that you can afford. It is one of the most important steps on your path to home ownership.

Mistake #3 Not being prepared for closing costs
The down payment is one thing, but there are other closing costs such as lawyer fees, property transfer taxes, utilities, insurance and others — so be prepared. You may also be eligible for government programs such as the Home Buyers’ Tax Credit, so be sure to do your research and know what your total costs will be.

Mistake #4 Limiting your search to open house, ads, or the Internet
Many homes that are listed in the magazines, newspapers, and/or on the Internet have already been sold. Your best course of action is to contract your real estate agent. Real estate agents get new listings 4 days before general public sees them on the Internet.

Mistake #5 Thinking that there is only one perfect home out there
Buying a home is a process of elimination and not selection. Homes come onto the market daily and just because your favourite home has been sold, there will be another one on the market shortly. Don’t give up looking.

Mistake #6 Not considering long term needs
It is important to think ahead. Are you buying a home for 2-3 years? What is your long term plan? Will this home suit your needs in 10 years?

Mistake #7 Not doing your due diligence
Make a list of concerns you have regarding your potential purchase before you make an offer. Find out what comparative homes have sold for in your area. Learn how much gas and hydro bills are. Even meet the neighbours.

Mistake #8 Not understanding your mortgage
This is a complex and often-intimidating topic, but what you learn (or don’t learn!) about mortgages could save or cost you thousands of dollars. Key factors are your interest rate and amortization, but also find out what your payment privileges are, whether the mortgage is portable, your down payment requirement, insurance needs, and if the mortgage is open, closed, variable or fixed. There are many factors, so make sure you understand them.

Mistake #9 Not able to make clear decisions-FEAR
Yes, buying a home is a scary thing and you may not feel certain you’ve found the right place. Should you buy now? Will prices fall? Will interest rates come? Should you keep looking? Remember, when you’re renting you are making someone else rich and not building equity in your own home. When you become a homeowner, you have a fixed asset and you’re on your way to financial freedom. I know somebody who looked at over a 100 homes before they bought, and after a year and half of looking they purchased a home for 30% more expensive than if they would have bought earlier.

Mistake #10 Not having a home inspection
Trying to save money today could cost you a lot of money in the future. Hire a QUALIFIED home and you won’t regret it.