Real Estate Rebel June Newsletter

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Thank you to those clients who purchased and sold with me in May as well as those who referred me to your friends and family. The ultimate compliment is a referral so thank you!

Over the past few years I have noticed people tend to go to Pre-Sale show rooms without Realtors because they don’t know that they should bring one along. I have heard many stories over the years but below are the top three complaints I hear over and over. The #1 rule when buying a presale is:

Never walk in to a Pre-Sale Showroom without me.
Why? Let me tell you why. The people selling the units are Sales People. Their number one job is to get the most money for the builder. Their second job is to get as much money for themselves and their commission structure is built to ensure they do their job very well. Over the past few years I have heard three common myths that seem to come up again and again when people walk in unrepresented.

Myth 1: I walked into a sales center and they told me I did not need a Realtor. They said they could do all the paperwork without any extra charges to me.

Why do you think they said you do not need a Realtor? And no extra charges to you for doing paperwork? The main reason they tell you this is to put as much money in their pocket as possible. Also, there are never any charges to a purchaser just a seller. They tell you they will wave the paperwork charges because it sounds good and makes you think you are getting a great deal. You are not getting a deal.

Myth 2: The Sales Person told me the price it was non-negotiable and I was getting the best deal possible.

Simply put; you probably aren’t. This is another one of those sales techniques. The price is often negotiable and having a Realtor there will expose how muchis negotiable. This is not always the case but often I have been able to either negotiate on the price or have the builder add some free upgrades to get the deal done.

Myth 3: The Sales Person said that I would get an upgrade on the countertops and back splash but when it was time to get the keys I didn’t get anything that I was promised.

I hear this all the time. Promises are only good if they are on paper. Remember that free paperwork they told you they would do for you? Well they forgot some of it. They want to get the deal done and give away as little as possible. They can say all they want when it comes to selling the unit but unless its in the paperwork it wont be done and there is no way to prove they promised any of it. My job is to make sure that everything they promise is in the paperwork before you sign on the dotted line.

Lastly, taking a Realtor with you to a showroom also does one other very important thing…it shows the Sales Person you are serious in doing business.  Anyone can just walk in off the street. Most people who walk in are just ‘looking’ and are curious about the new development in the area and they have no intention to buy. When you walk in with a Realtor you change the game and it becomes real. A real opportunity for a Sales Person to sell a property.

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